25 Days Project: Corrick’s


Dear Lord, please do not ever let Corrick’s close. My house is redolent with its inventory: Pilot G2 pens, envelopes, Sharpies, legal forms, a stuffed Snuffleupagus puppet, maps, cards, Little Golden books, paper clips, tape, padded manila envelopes, picture hangers. I still remember the first thing I ever bought there—a ribbon for my Olympia typewriter. (I still buy the same ribbon there for my Royal.) I pine for the days of buying rub-on lettering there. I will never forget the saleslady’s sympathetic look one Christmas when she told me they were sold out of sweater lint shavers. One night, I got to talking with a fellow customer about this ‘n’ that, and soon we were talking about Santa Rosa, and next thing I knew it turned out she went to high school with my dad; it’s that type of place. I love that no one ever quits, and that their back room has one of those great old bank safe doors, and that they’re coming up on their 100th anniversary. And like a lot of other Santa Rosans, I always walk in and think to myself, “Maybe someday I’ll buy something from the front half of the store.” 637 Fourth St., Santa Rosa, 707.546.2424.

The 25 Days Project is an online series through the month of December spotlighting some of our favorite local businesses. Read more about the project here, and about our commitment to shopping locally here.