.Your Letters, Week of Jan. 4

Elephant in the Room

The most underreported story list is a list of distractions, important stories to be sure, in what many would consider, pre-COVID normal times. However, folks, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has vanquished most world governments in an apparent bloodless coup.

Klaus Schwab, the nominal WEF leader, admires the Communist Chinese authoritarian model, and that’s the direction the wind blows. They shut off your power; they’re sabotaging the supply chain; they sabotage small farming and food processing.

They suspend the Constitution after they released a biological weapon. They’re taking away your children, your sovereignty and your money. With the reset and both digital ID and currency, you will own nothing and not be very happy eating mealworm. Why are we under the thrall of the WHO, UN and WEF? Was that Bill Clinton, Barack Obama or Donald Trump who disenfranchised us? With executive order 666, did they hand over decision making to Schwab?

Banks have always won in this paradigm, but our financial system is broken, and those 1 percenters are openly looting the empire. They’re so many news stories and distractions, one naturally loses track or is confused or easily led. That’s alright, because everyone will comply or die, and they will control you, completely and utterly command your life.

The United States and other western nations have long been compromised and therefore operate with organized crime, the security agencies and big business. It is not a coincidence that Americans are divided, not if you have been paying any attention to the elephant in the room.

Leland Dennick


Four Horsemen

Daggers to the heart of democracy have not been delivered exclusively by Donald Trump and his minions, or Nancy Pelosi and hers, depending upon your orientation.

Here are my dark horse nominations for the four horsemen of the American political apocalypse.

Consider the newspaper killers in our society—cost-cutting, profit maximizing robber barons who deliberately destroy local news capacity in favor of nationalist reporting.

Consider Congress with its massive dereliction of constitutional duty to do things like make laws and impeach people who usurp or impede lawmaking.

Consider the Supreme Court of the United States, which has abandoned its mandate to find legislative intent and gone over to the dark side of partisan decision-making.

Consider our 1% class, with its puppet members of both parties in tow, asserting the inviolability of all its money, no matter how ill-gotten the gain.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, UT


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