.Your Letters, Week of Feb. 23

Channel Chansons

Now that the long-awaited dredging project of the San Rafael Channel is nearly completed, it may be time to break out the Great American Songbook of geologic themes in advance of any celebratory events that may be organized by local groups, as a public service.

I’m talking about hit songs such as…

You’d Be So Gneiss to Come Home to

Don’t Take Me for Granite

I Get Sedimental Over Nothing

It’s a Quartz to Three

It’s Neat to Beat Your Feet in the Mississippi Mud

Silt Gets in Your Eyes

Bedrock Around the Clock

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Mr. Sandman

What Game Shale We Play Today?

How Are Things in Dutra Quarry?

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael


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