.Your Letters, Week of 10/18

Surreal Estate

I have only been a resident of San Rafael, for about 40 years. I have seen the deterioration of this, what used to be a sleepy, homefront. Then came all the buildings downtown; then came that awful railroad; now this one indigent person has hijacked over 50 parking places on Mission, across from the library.

How can an indigent individual hijack and extort, holding more real estate than 90% of all Marin residents? The rest of us, who contribute to San Rafael with our taxes, don’t have as much real estate as that selfish single person holding all that space hostage. And the city lets this happen.

Wassup with that?

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Fernando Gómez

San Rafael

He Went to Jared

Golly, this new war in the Middle East has to be a huge surprise to Jared Kushner. He told us he had ended all hostilities between Israel and Hamas. Sorry, Jared. Better luck bringing the Saudis out of the 5th century.

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael


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