.Your Letters, Nov. 29

Gag Me

Donald Trump was hit with a gag order, which is under review. The restrictions prevented Trump from verbally attacking court staff, prosecutors or potential witnesses—the same for social media. This is true, because these are private citizens whose position and involvement are part of their jobs or duties.

But the order didn’t stop him from venting about the judge, the Justice Department, the case more generally or his potential general election foe, President Joe Biden. This is also true, but these persons have public positions and resources that ordinary individuals do not have. The judiciary must retain the gag order, providing guidelines for future abusers.

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa


Who knew? Whatever happened to peripheral vision? Hoodies—the cool dude look has eliminated peripheral anything. Skateboarders, bicyclists and anyone who drives—the hooded dude look prevails. Monks and hoods—maybe, but not all that safe when driving. Or is it another sign of my old age and “out of it” take on peripheral vision? Driverless cars are missing a basic rule of the road. And don’t tell me it’s all covered by computers in cars. Baa-hum-bug.

Neil Davis


Editor’s Note: In a ‘Pacific Sun’ piece entitled ‘Dharmashire’ (Oct. 30, 2023), the term ‘gender transition’ was inadvertently used instead of ‘generational transition.’ We regret the error.


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