.Your Letters, Nov. 22

Congress Mess

Until recently, Congress was the laughing stock of American democracy. That honor has been transferred to the Supreme Court, which has recently chosen to rebuild its image of corruption and favoritism with a new internally developed code of ethics and conduct.

Sorry, boys and girls, it will take a generation or more to overcome such a monumental lack of trust in a single branch of government, with or without full disclosure on the parts of all justices of exactly what “benefits” they have received and from whom, since their respective appointments to the Supreme Court.

It is an immeasurable loss of respect, integrity and dignity for our country, an international embarrassment on a massive scale.

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael

News Nod

Pro-peace and responsible journalism are two ideals this world needs!

Yes, it’s tragic and yes, we’re heartbroken—so many of us for both cultures and all innocent people who have been killed in the war in Israel/Palestine.

Dan Pulcrano did an excellent job of summarizing the story (“Pro-Peace Piece,” Nov. 15 Bohemian and Pacific Sun). I so appreciate when journalists do not lead me into their bias, but present a full and complete picture and allow me, as a reader, to come to my own conclusion.

This is also sorely missing, by the way, in mainstream media whenever the former president is interviewed or covered by the press.

Research. Fact check. Find a credible counterpoint. News coverage is not ranting.

Jodi Selene



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