.Your Letters, May 24

Bikers & Cyclists

A lot of semi-pro and recreational bicyclists “summit” Los Alamos, now that it is beautifully paved. There are also a lot of construction vehicles, families and fast cars (like mine).

Recently I made an effort to introduce bicyclists and motorists of Los Alamos to “get to know each other,” through a series of trading cards, which would show a photo; talk a little about the resident and/or bicyclist; and share goals, first names, addresses of residents and even the suit colors the bicyclists ride, so motorists will recognize them. I strongly feel this would be a positive effort to humanize our bicyclists and motorists, improving our neighborly relationships while sharing Los Alamos.

I have suggested this to my local supervisor twice, and to the Bicycle Coalition. Eris Weaver didn’t even respond. I had to chase Susan Gorin down, and still no positive response of any kind. What kind of government do we have, when they shove taxpayer money at the coalition, and the coalition doesn’t even want to improve motorist/bicyclist relationships in rural areas? I just don’t get it.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Keith Rhinehart

Santa Rosa

Fitness for Office

Dianne Feinstein’s return prompts renewed scrutiny over her fitness for office. The governor has the power to replace the senator and restore confidence in California’s representatives.

Gary Sciforrd

Santa Rosa


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