.Your Letters, July 5

Dear Mr. President

I do not believe that any of the post-world wars have been in the interest of the American people or the world. It greatly concerns me that we have methodically pushed Russia into a corner in ways that we did not tolerate in Cuba.

Why are we risking global recession, which results in millions of indirect deaths by the poorest people in the world, who now include many paycheck-to-paycheck Americans, as well as nuclear war, to play hero? We have millions of American homeless who could use those billions, and have over-spent our budget.

Please stop wasting our tax dollars, pay down the deficit and help Americans at home, rather than risking all our lives with nuclear war.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Dane Rose

Marin County

Mindful Matters

I want to applaud the placement of “Mindfulness Moments” (Open Mic, 6/28/23), since the political letters that preceded it were so polarizing.

I was suffering indigestion after tasting some sarcasm of the first letter and swallowing the complaints of the second. Marcia Singer’s thoughts on how to look at some of our unpleasant reactions served as well as any antacid tablet.

Leland Dennick



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