.Your Letters, Jan. 24

Incendiary Irony

It’s my right, even if you think I’m wrong, to express the truth about what I see in America. Americans could care less about others who exist anywhere past the ends of our noses. Americans could care less about the lives of Muslim citizens in Gaza. Not our problem; let the president handle it.

Folks trying to get past our southern border to start a life free of the savage conditions in their homelands? We’re full; go back home. Folks in neighboring states? State borders might as well be closed to them too, unless they bring money in here to spend.

Next-door neighbors? Don’t know ’em. Don’t want to meet ’em. Only way we’d tolerate their faces is if they agreed to come to church with us. Employees? No loyalty to employers; vice versa too. People we hook up with socially? Don’t stumble for a second, or we’ll cancel your sorry butts.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Spouses? Marriage is only good if it works for me. If it works best for spouse or children, too bad; we’ll exit the situation anyway. Celebrities? Get as close as humanly possible and worship forevermore.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Santa Rosa

Love Letter

I’m an occasional resident of Sonoma County. Meaning, I love it there, and when my remote work schedule allows it, I haul ass from Wisconsin and get to a tiny house I rent in, believe it or not, Healdsburg.

I just want to say I love your paper. It fills me with joy, even if the news is concerning. It reminds me that aside from liking to spend a few months there every year because the hiking puts me in the trees or on the Pacific, there are also a lot of really cool people there who think a lot like I do. I embrace that. I look forward to more.

Jack Kear

Madison, WI, and Healdsburg


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