.Your Letters, Feb. 8

Fentanyl Fear

Thank you to those who are going out of their way to educate people on fentanyl and share their loss because of it. I believe it can help many young people make a smart decision to never try any of these drugs. If we could put these informative words on billboards and in commercials, that could also help.

For a cause like this, I would be willing to donate to help pay for expenses. I’m not making an offer, but if such a thing exists, I would donate on a monthly basis.

It scares me because it’s too close to home, and I worry about my nephew, nieces and son, who can be naive sometimes. They don’t like to hear me educating them about it. But maybe other ways such as this could make a difference.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Vanessa Sanchez

Santa Rosa

Park vs. Profits

Thank you for continuing to expose the environmental destruction caused by ranching. If this can be allowed to happen in a national park, where profits of the dairy and meat industry take precedence over wildlife and the environment, imagine how much worse it is everywhere else.

Lia Wilbourn

Marin County


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