.Your Letters, Dec. 6

Disqualifying Qualities

There are three reasons former President Donald Trump must not be on the ballot in any state devoted to the rule of law. First, no person liable for large-scale business fraud should be trusted in public office, where the societal stakes are even higher than in private business, and the consequences of misbehavior are even more dire.

Second, no person convicted of a felony should be allowed to vote, let alone run for office. Otherwise, the sacred civil rights of all upstanding Americans will be diminished and stained. America must prepare for Trump’s pre-election conviction of crime by enacting explicit laws to bar felons from holding positions of public trust until well after they have served their time.

Third, no person who engages in or gives aid and comfort to an insurrection or rebellion should be allowed to take the reins of any government institution. The only exception must be a case where his or her party writes a new constitutional law that the people of the land overwhelmingly agree to support, as was the case with our founding fathers and mothers.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Marin County

No Country for Old Men

Even as Americans live longer and healthier lives, how we think about aging has not changed. Ageism and implicit bias toward age continue to impact our society, including how seniors are perceived. Look at how you communicate about seniors and be an agent of change in combatting ageism in our community.

Peter Bauer

San Rafael


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