.Your Letters, 9/27

Aggression Grows

There is at least one thing we have learned from history when it comes to people such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Viktor Orban, Li Qiang and Donald Trump, as well as the other greats in the Hall of Fame of authoritarian rule, including all those from the left and from the right.

Aggression that is left unanswered leads to more aggression.

Craig J. Corsini

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

San Rafael

High Praise

Thank you for the intelligent writing and content! Jasper Thelin’s “Nuke Talk” (Aug. 29) and Nikki Siverstein’s “Denial” (Sept. 20) articles are great. It is so admirable to counter police abuse. I wonder if abuse can be remedied if there is no discussion of it in the public? I also look forward to the crossword and the trivia article.


Marin County

Boom Bust

Now that we boomers are becoming this society’s elders, I find it interesting that many of us are advocating mandatory retirement for federal government employees.

Peter Bauer

San Rafael


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