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Coast Boast

Ever wondered why the wild Sonoma coastline doesn’t resemble the Jersey Shore, with arcades, hotels, amusement parks, boasting hundreds of rides and attractions?

Fifty-one years ago, Californians decided their coastline needed to be protected and organized coastal activists statewide to create a coastal protection initiative for the 1972 statewide ballot. In 30 days, they gathered 480,000 signatures. Big business fought hard against the measure, but Californians had seen enough developmental threats to the coast. When Proposition 20 won, voters forever changed how California judges shoreline development.

Unfortunately, our pristine coastline is once again at risk. At a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Lynda Hopkins advocated for eliminating parcel protections that have been in place for more than 40 years.

Crucial site specific policies are more protective than the usual permit process and are more critical than ever in the face of constantly increasing pressure from developers looking to cash in from Sonoma County’s treasured coastline.

The beauty of the California coast is an economic engine that drives a thriving tourist industry. We ask the board to maintain the current coastal protections, knowing that the voters want to keep our coast protected for the benefit of residents and tourists alike.

Padi Selwyn


Happy Easter

OK, the myth is that Jesus died for our sins, or somebody’s sins. But the truth is that he dies Friday and he comes back on Sunday before brunch. So, what really happened is he gave up not even a whole weekend for our sins. What is the big deal here? I’ve had longer hangovers than that.

Craig Corsini

Marin County


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