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Assange Melange

Apology and corrections to Dan Shiner (Letters, “WikiPeaved,” 3/13/24): I have followed The Guardian and The Intercept. Two women had consensual sex with Julian Assange in Stockholm. One was asleep when Assange decided to repeat penetration [without consent]. That is considered rape in Sweden [and here], which I learned from a Swedish man the day of my Open Mic (“Sticky Wiki,” 2/28/24). Two—not “multiple women”—reported for STI testing for unprotected sex days later.

The Swedish government repeatedly dropped and reinstated the investigation, finally closing the case when investigators concluded the evidence “was not strong enough to form the basis for filing an indictment” against Assange. He was never charged or convicted of a crime by Sweden.

Assange was never a Donald Trump supporter. He broke the story of Hillary Clinton subverting the 2016 presidential primary—similar to Trump’s actions culminating in the 1/6/21 Capitol riot, fake electors and fishing for votes. Trump (serial liar) associate Roger Stone fabricated visiting Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

I despise Trump, but Clinton initiated the overthrow of the Ukrainian and Libyan governments. She wanted to invade Iran and supported coups in Honduras, Haiti and Bolivia.

As my former mentor, the late Daniel Ellsberg—who knew something about false espionage charges—stated about the Assange persecution and trial: “It cuts out the First Amendment.”

This case threatens all journalists and publishers everywhere, including the Bohemian’s progressive reporting. My curt phrase, “fake rape charge,” I regret—but I only had 350 words and much to say!

Barry Barnett

Santa Rosa


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