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Barry Barnett’s defense of Julian Assange (Feb. 28, 2024 Open Mic) glosses over and ignores pertinent facts. Barnett states that “A fake rape charge (was) filed in Sweden…” As The Intercept has documented, multiple women publicly accused Assange of sexually molesting them, and the only reason the charges were ultimately dropped was that the statute of limitations ran out while Assange was in the UK, refusing to return to Sweden.

Assange, a Trump supporter, was very likely responsible for Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election. Assange swore he would do whatever it took to defeat her, and by carefully releasing documents (reportedly in coordination with Roger Stone) that seriously and negatively impacted Clinton just before the 2016 election, Assange likely made the difference in that close election.

Certainly, he took credit for Clinton’s defeat and Trump’s likely true victory, and that is why I find him unforgivable.

Dan Shiner

Mill Valley


The former “Republicant” is portraying America as a dystopian, failed state overwhelmed by lawlessness, urban blight and slipping toward World War III abroad.

However, I should add the following three important elements:

Dishonoring American treaties and commitments to other nations. Making America a vassal state to Russia. Making America subservient to China.

Finally, the sad truth is that anyone who has supported this person, has already abandoned America.

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa


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