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Hat Tip to ‘Pal’

I was really pleased to see that you used the “Locals” section of your paper to highlight Surinder “Pal” Sroa, owner of the Lotus Family of Restaurants (Pacific Sun, Jan. 24, 2024).

Lotus is one of our favorite restaurants in Marin, and they have always treated my family very well every time we eat there.

One thing I’d like to say is that their focus on helping those in need is so genuine. One night, my family and I were there, and there was a gentleman who was clearly in a bad spot who walked in and sat down at a table. The owners walked over to him, asked him what he would like to eat and fed him.

They didn’t ask him to leave and didn’t charge him for the meal. It was a wonderful thing to see from a business owner, and reaffirmed my opinions of their kindness.

Ben Lucchese

San Anselmo


I’ve been thinking about the article about Rusty Hicks (Bohemian, “Dis-Assembly Required,” Jan. 31, 2024) and all the special interest money coming in from outside our district to support his carpet-bagger candidacy.

We’ve heard this tale too many times. Before you know it, we’ll be getting stacks of b.s. postcards attacking our excellent and effective City Council member, Ariel Kelley.

The leader of the state’s Democratic Party should be identifying and supporting up-and-coming leaders, not using special interest money to buy the seat, which is supposed to represent Healdsburg’s interests. We have to turn out as a community, vote for our best interests and stop this ridiculous power grab.

John Thomas



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