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Bad Behavior

Thanks again, Nikki Silverstein, for providing us with an in depth look into this (San Rafael’s internal) investigation and (the Marin County’s district attorney’s) lawsuit (‘Providing Cover,’ Pacific Sun, Oct. 4).

It is very clear that the behavior of the two officers was wrong as determined by Marin County district attorney Lori Frugoli and investigator Paul Henry. The costs to the taxpayers in this case I’m sure are astounding.

The thought that comes to mind for me is: What went down back in the day? I can only imagine how many false reports were filed in order to “bust” people. I fully realize that there are plenty of bad folks out there and there always is a need for police to keep the order, but Brandon Nail and Daisy Mazariegos lied to support their narrative. THAT is a fact that cannot be denied.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

I do feel bad for the law-abiding good officers who protect and serve the public but are sullied every time their fellow officers behave in a less than professional manner. Keep up the good reporting, Nikki; we do appreciate you.

Paul Dominguez

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It is interesting that one of the strategic methods used by Donald Trump’s people in the coming election is to make it appear that his opponent is Barack Obama, not Joe Biden.

I guess this means that he finds it more advantageous to fabricate running against a younger Black man who is not actually running than it is to run against a white man of roughly his own age who is actually running, and who defeated him in the last election, unless the defeat was—like slavery, the Holocaust, the pandemic and paid maternity leave—a hoax.

Gosh, among Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Bannon, Ron DeSantis and Matt Gaetz, it’s really hard to pick the one true genius.

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael


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