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Offending Spending

There is a spectrum of professional elected officials, the privileged denizens of Politics Incorporated, who worry out loud about government spending and the deficit, as they all should.

However, we rarely hear from them about cutting toxic waste from within their own offices’ operations.

One way to cut government spending is to reduce the cost of being a professional elected official at the local, state and federal levels. Every member of Congress of both parties is a publicly-funded human boondoggle. The grift is staggering.

We can start by removing all taxpayer-funded benefit packages, for example. Since we citizens must find ways to fund our health care out of our pockets, so should they. They should also pay for any travel expenses they incur.

Want to come home to California from our nation’s capital for a long weekend? You are going to pay for that. Need gas to drive back to Marin from Sacramento to watch the Niners? Comes right out of your pocket.

Oh, you need staff? You get one freebie, a full-time chief admin person. All the others you pay for on your own, on a project or short-term contract basis.

If you want to build credibility about what it costs to work for the taxpayers, show us. Show us today.

Your explanation had better be piercingly accurate and completely transparent.

Reducing government spending starts at home.

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael

Health Nut

Donald Trump says his doctor says he’s in “perfect health.” Transparency demands to see that report. Is that the same doctor who got him out of military duty because of a bone spur? Trump and physical fitness. A muscle-bound liar.

Neil Davis



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