.Woman ‘Struggling’ in Russian River Attacks Rescuers: Sheriff

Three people almost drowned over the weekend during a chaotic afternoon water rescue in the Russian River, just downstream of Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff. Officials say a flailing 38-year-old woman from Santa Rosa attacked the two responders who tried to rescue her. They say they got a 911 call around 4:20 p.m. about a kid being swept down the river, which was “high due to recent rains, resulting in rapids and debris in the water” — not to mention “very cold.” Here’s what happened when they got to the scene, according to the sheriff: “Sgt. Gary Lawson was the first deputy to see the person in the middle of the river, struggling to stay afloat where Fife Creek enters the river. Sgt. Lawson removed his gear and went into the water. Deputy Anthony Powers had a life vest in his patrol car. He threw it to the sergeant, who put it on. Sgt. Lawson reached the person, who turned out to be a woman later identified as Lacey Mosher. Mosher immediately began fighting Sgt. Lawson and pushing him under the water. They struggled in the water, with Mosher continuing to fight him as he was rescuing her. Sgt. Lawson was able to control her enough to swim across the river and hold on to a bush about 15 feet off the shore. Deputy Cody McCready found them, removed his gear, and swam over to help control her. Mosher continued to fight both deputies as they were rescuing her. There was deep, fast-moving water between the deputies and the shore; they could not swim back to land. Sonoma County Fire District firefighters arrived by boat and, due to the small size of the boat, first rescued Mosher and then returned to rescue the deputies. Sgt. Lawson was in the water for about 25 minutes. He and Deputy McCready were treated for exposure and released at the scene. Mosher was transported to a local hospital for treatment and continued to assault first responders and medical personnel. … This was an extremely difficult call for our deputies and dispatchers. Deputies on land lost sight of the two deputies in the water. Both deputies came close to losing their lives while they rescued Mosher, which ultimately saved her life.” After this whole ordeal, the woman was reportedly arrested for “felony resisting arrest, felony battery on a peace officer, misdemeanor being under the influence of drugs, and felony violation of probation.” Meanwhile, Sheriff Eddie Engram has been talking up the sergeant and deputy who risked their lives to save her Sunday, saying they “exemplify what it means to be a Sonoma County deputy sheriff.” (Source: Sonoma Sheriff via Facebook)


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