Where They’re Training

Sonoma County roads where Tour of California teams are sure to be riding this week

Before Sunday’s race, keep your eyes on these Sonoma County roads, where Tour of California teams are sure to be training.

King Ridge The centerpiece of the Tour’s Stage One, the legendary Coors Classic road and the namesake of Levi’s King Ridge Granfondo. Coming back on Meyers Grade offers trainees one of the greatest ocean views available along the Sonoma Coast.

Pine Flat Twelve miles of unforgiving climb punctuated by an insanely steep final stretch. Excellent views and sparse traffic make this a dream training road, smack in the middle of Chalk Hill and the geysers.

The Geysers From the Jimtown Store, it’s a 30-mile grind into Cloverdale, up and over the mountain. Another remote road, great for training.

Spring Mountain The toughest road in the county, uphill from St. Helena to Santa Rosa. This is the road Levi Leipheimer rode in last month’s Grasshopper ride, beating his fellow riders—even with a recovering left leg and after two flat tires.

Skaggs Springs A 35-mile odyssey between the coast and Lake Sonoma that connects to King Ridge. Remote and unforgiving, a tem would have to be serious to train here.

Cavedale Nearby Trinity Road was used in the Coors Classic in the 1980s, but close to Trinity—and longer and narrower—is this seven-mile climb, close to Santa Rosa and loved by locals heading into Napa County.

Coleman Valley The ascent from Salmon Creek is sure to be packed with spectators on race day, but keep your eyes peeled in the days leading up to the race—this is a brutal climb that riders are going to want to be familiar with before Sunday.—Gabe Meline

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