.What Farmers Really Think About Measure P

When Sonya Perrotti, owner of Coyote Family Farm in Penngrove, saw big signs lining nearby roads that read Farmers Say No on Measure P, she thought to herself, “Oh, do I?”

And she wasn’t alone. Farmer Caiti Hachmyer was taken aback to find the credibility of her beloved vocation used to oppose what she views as long-overdue, commonsense oversight of law enforcement. Farmers Vince and Jenny Trotter took to their tractor with a “Yes on Measure P” sign to counter all those going up around them that claimed to speak on their behalf. “Measure P will ensure that officers are held accountable to their actions,” said the Trotters. “Opponents of this measure are spreading a lot of misinformation.”

The list of farmers who support Measure P could feed much of this county: Laguna Farm, Singing Frogs Farm, Bernier Family Farm, Tierra Vegetable, Kibo Farms, Red H Farm, Full Bloom Flower Farm, Green Star Farm and Chiatri de Laguna Farm, to name a few–the last of which is run by Wendy Krupnick, president of the Sonoma County chapter of Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), which advocates on behalf of smaller-scale farms.

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“As the local chapter of CAFF,” says Krupnick, “we hadn’t planned on weighing in on this ballot measure. It just felt beyond the purview of an agricultural group. But when folks started inquiring with us last week, asking why farmers were so adamantly opposed to this measure, we felt the need to set the record straight. Firstly, no one can speak for all farmers. But I can tell you this: there are a lot of local food producers in Sonoma County, like me, who believe that when it comes to law enforcement, transparency and community participation matter.”

So, to clear up a few things:

Measure P does not cut any money from the Sheriff’s Office budget. Measure P does not cut safety or emergency services. Measure P will not increase response times to emergency calls, fires and disasters.

And last but certainly not least: all farmers are NOT opposed to Measure P.

Family farmers care deeply about the safety of everyone in our community. And the values behind Measure P are the same that you’ll find behind the booths at your local farmers market. So on behalf of these farmers and the Sonoma County CAFF chapter, we invite you to join us in voting YES ON MEASURE P.

The Sonoma County Chapter of Community Alliance with Family Farmers

For more info, visit caff.org


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