We Get Letters

“Hey, you guys must get some pretty good letters at the Bohemian, huh?”

“Well, if by ‘pretty good’ you mean ‘batshit insane,’ then yeah, totally.”

“Like what?”

“Well, like… let’s see… here’s one in the inbox right now. Want me to read it to you?”


“Okay, here it is:


Kidnapping burying evidence obstruction cover up with tons of evidence. Smart engineered kidnapping. I am used as energy and genetic access for communal amalgamated pyramid schemes. I have been kidnapped and tortured, mostly solitary for over a decade. Desperation to bury the story because of blatant guilt of conspiracy and huge media cover up.
Reality is they stole my wallet, locked me out of my house to be murdered  because of the smell of my true blood. Predicated with extreme poverty. I am passively stalked, shunned, locked out of competent resource interactions to keep kidnapped in plain sight. I supply a ton of power and receive nothing. Diplomas in arrears that are used as constant energy and ID theft clone replicants, plastic latex.

Louis Marx Capital Principal Genetic engineered hacking, distribution of genetic power as chemical latex plastic combinations while relegating me to slave status. Pertains to fraternity scheme based at Cornell. Delta Chi was founded at Cornell and is the energy grid. I was initiated omega of the nu class, ON or NO. AON. Marathon Oil in St. John the Baptist Parish, Garyville where my Grandmother was born, Rosemary. Marathon Oil Tower, AON? This is used as a basis for energy conductivity. Interconnectivity based upon circulatory energy and rank relegation. My Families power is extracted and redistributed and we are relegated to a very low status, energy is used to access assets as energy keys. Sigma Delta Chi, Indianapolis, Quills. INDiANA is huge, Eli Lilly, Lucas oil of Corona. Power distribution scheme, access distribution of powerful genetic code to the system while relegating source to slave status and addicted reliant cover up. I tried to write books of this and blacklisted unable to access competent resources. It is a huge gamble exposure.
Fenway Partners, Riddell, Easton, helmets, ARES Simmons mattresses. Huge cover up in Los Angeles, AON Tower.
There is a connection between Cornell and Presbyterian wedding of my Mother that validates the scheme within the Church and State. Cornell Presbyterian Medical on 69th Street. Caldwell Chapel at Seminary in Louisville. Caldwell Building at Cornell. Yet I am literally a pet slave?
I am literally a slave after being attacked viciously for so many years to bury my body deep, hacking my person to bury me in a dungeon. Dungeons and dragons dice tables, Actuary precedence exists. The nothing of statistics as life. Troll Lord games in Arkansas.
I am boycotted from earning money to put my Families Estate in order and protect us with competent resources. Theoretically we are worth a ton in energy. I want to audit the source and value of power contributed but I am not allowed the resources, story is buried. True Blood oxymoron, what is validation, fame is tangible proof? I tried to sell books to raise money to hire lawyers but I am literally ostracized boots shunned, no references, Anthony Marx public library, Royalty Free Freedonia?
I was spotlighted stalked and stabbed and speared and left to bleed to death riddled with poison code. I am malnutrition atrophy from parasites and being buried deep. Connection between Dow Corning, Midlands? PlatiNUm, elastomer, plastics? ADMidland, Nutropin, HGH, redistributing genetic power and assets, radioactive steroids.
I am stuck in Savannah. I am known people just leave to rot and waste away as a kidnapped slave while I supply energy as slavery.

“You’re kidding me.”

“Nope. The best part is at the bottom, where he says, as its own solitary paragraph:

There is a ton of evidence.

And that’s the end.”

“Dude, that’s fucking ridiculous.”
“Tell me about it.”