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'Hidebound' explores interpretations of the word on canvas

Abstract painter and conceptual portrait artist Tyler Steele earned a degree in industrial design from the Los Angeles’ OTIS College of Art and Design, and works with metropolitan environments to achieve a gritty realism with fantasy-like elements. A gallery artist at Petaluma’s Prince Gallery, Steele emerges with a solo show opening Nov. 14.

Steele has titled the new exhibit “Hidebound,” which could reference the fur and leather his portrait subject are clad in, seemingly lost in a wild, perhaps post-apocalyptic world—one that requires lots of warm clothing and rusty bandoliers, evidently. Or could the artist be riffing on the word’s other meaning: narrow-minded, confined to tradition? Are these lone, mysterious figures the result of a world decimated by conservative thinking?

Decide for yourself, when “Hidebound” opens in conjunction with Petaluma’s Second Saturday Art Walk. “Hidebound” runs through Dec. 6, with a reception
on Saturday, Nov. 14, at Prince Gallery,
122 American Alley, Petaluma. 6pm.
Free and open to the public. 707.889.0371.

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