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Ex-Scorpions guitarist in SoCo April 7

69-year-old Uli Jon Roth may have only played guitar with Scorpions for only four years, but his songs have aged considerably well.

Longtime fans still consider his work on “Fly To The Rainbow,” “Taken By Force,” “In Trance,” and “Virgin Killer’” some of the band’s finest moments.

And while “Tokyo Tapes” — arguably the best live hard rock album ever – would signal Roth’s inevitable exit, it was songs like ‘Sails Of Charon,” “We’ll Burn The Sky,” “All Night Long,” and “Dark Lady” (to name just a few) that would make his catalog a cult favorite many decades later.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

For the uninitiated, Uli formed his own Electric Sun project which would eventually issue three fantastic records: ‘Earthquake’ (1979) steeped in the tradition of the late Jimi Hendrix, ‘Fire Wind’ (1981), and ‘Beyond the Astral Skies’ (1985) dedicated to the late Martin Luther King Jr..

It wasn’t long until Roth found a new calling which found the guitarist composing four symphonies and two concertos with a smattering of live performances with / for symphony orchestras throughout greater Europe. Consequently, Uli adopted the moniker Uli Jon Roth for every release thereafter.

Dubbed the ‘Interstellar Sky Guitar’ North American 2024 tour, Uli and his six-piece band kicks off their run on April 2nd in Mesa, Arizona and follows with a a whopping seven California shows while inevitably ending on May 18th in Houston, Texas.

UJR’s three-hour multi-media show will be split into two parts with an intermission featuring new and old pieces, excerpts from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and Uli’s Metamorphosis Concerto. He will also be speaking about his new (er) book, ‘In Search of the Alpha Law.’ The second half of the show will see Roth revisiting his own Electric Sun records, also recently released on vinyl, along with his highly influential Scorpions fare.

Said Uli about his mission statement for his upcoming tour, “We are only temporary thoughts in the Mind of the Universe. If we want to survive and evolve as a species, we need to become better human beings first and strive towards World Peace with all our hearts. We can only do this together.”

We caught up with promoter Christine Lommori aka Lommori Productions who already has a rich history promoting Uli Jon Roth’s area concerts.

Bohemian: When did you initially start promoting concerts?

Lommori: I started some 30 years ago at a small club called Hobie’s in Concord. I loved music and was a fan that eventually turned my obsession into a business.

Bohemian: How many times have you presented Uli?

Lommori: I’ve done about 16 UJR shows throughout the years.

Bohemian: What does his music mean for you?

Lommori: I am a huge Scorpions fan and also love Uli’s beautiful guitar work. He is quite a magical person and a really nice guy.

Bohemian: Will Lommori Productions be doing more concerts in Sonoma County?

Lommori: Definitely. The North Bay is special to me as I lived in Sonoma and went Sonoma High School.

Bohemian: Why the Flamingo Resort?

Lommori: I have a working relationship with Vintage Space and the new owners who did the remodel. It’s a beautiful resort and has that retro vibe I love.

Bohemian: Are these the same shows you booked originally in 2020 before Covid?

Lommori: No. These are shows are a re-booking from a few months ago when Uli had to postpone for personal reasons.

Bohemian: Will we be seeing more from Lommori Productions in 2024?

Lommori: Yes. This year will be quite busy and many more shows are in the works.

Lommori Productions presents an evening with Uli Jon Roth at Vintage Space inside the Flamingo Resort located at 2777 4th Street in Santa Rosa. Tickets are $25 advance and $30 day of show and can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/uli-jon-roth-tickets-599708332767. Doors open at 7pm and the show kicks off at 8pm. 21 and over patrons only.


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