.Trivia – Oct. 13-19, 2021


1 VISUAL:  This winter we’ll be rooting for the arrival of those strong, warm and persistent flows of heavy precipitation extending from the Hawaiian Islands towards the California coast, commonly known by what fruity 2-word nickname?

2 What two holidays generate the most candy sales in the U.S.?

3 VISUAL:  What actor played the title role of blind genius singer Ray Charles in the 2004 film Ray?

4 How do fish get oxygen?

5 The lowest prevailing interest rate at which banks lend money to corporations and customers with good credit has what 2-word name?

6 The United States Post Office Department inaugurated airmail delivery in 1918, connecting what three cities?

7 The U.S. tennis center in Queens—in Long Island, New York—is named after what female tennis star?

8 What are the world’s two largest islands? (Hint: Not Australia, which is a continent).

9a.  According to the 1968 Three Dog Night song hit, what is … “the loneliest number you’ll ever do”?

9b.  What well-known singer/songwriter (HN) composed that song?

10 Former President Jimmy Carter had these installed on the White House roof, but President Ronald Reagan later had them removed. What were they?

BONUS QUESTION:  VISUAL:  The world’s highest passenger railway reaches 16,627 feet, passing through what country or countries?

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1 Pineapple Express

2   No. 1: Halloween / No. 2: Easter

3 Jamie Foxx

4 Water passes through their gills, which absorb oxygen and dispel carbon dioxide. 

5 Prime Rate

6 Washington—Philadelphia—New York

7 Billie Jean King

8 Greenland and New Guinea

9a.  “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do, Two can be as bad as one, It’s the loneliest number since the number one”

9b.  Harry Nilsson

10 Solar panels for generating electricity


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