.Trivia – Week of May 11, 2022

1 What is California’s state flower?

2 How many teaspoons make up one tablespoon? 

3a.  Are all NBA basketball courts the same size? Or does each home court have slightly different dimensions?

3b.  If your answer to part (a) was: all the same size, then what is the standard length and width of NBA courts?

4 What female recording artist had seven consecutive #1 hits on the Billboard singles chart from 1985 to 1988?

5 How many of these metals—iron, nickel, cobalt, copper—are attracted to magnets?

6 A jogger runs uphill at 4 mph and back downhill at 6 mph. If the whole round-trip takes her one hour of running time, how far did she run altogether?

7 Greek philosopher Plato claimed that … what?… was the Mother of Invention?

8 What are the westernmost and easternmost U.S. cities on the nation-crossing Interstate I-80?

9 In what animal category is the Great Bustard, found mostly in Asia and Africa, at the top of the list?

10 Name ANY year during which each of these people was alive.

10a. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 10b. King Henry VIII 10c. Cleopatra (and what actress played her in this 1963 film? See visual.)

BONUS QUESTION:  Arrange in order, earliest first, the order in which the phrase, “In God We Trust” first appeared on U.S. coins, paper currency and stamps, if ever.

You are invited to a LIVE Trivia Cafe team contest at the Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, on Sunday, May 29, at 5pm, hosted by Howard Rachelson.  The contest is free, with a food and drink menu available. [email protected]


1 California Poppy or Golden Poppy

2 Three

3a. All the same size

3b. 94 feet long and 50 feet wide

4 Whitney Houston

5 All but copper

6 4.8 miles. Since Time = Distance/Rate, if the distance each way is D, then D/4 + D/6 = 1 hour gives the solution. Email me if you want more explanation.

7 Necessity

8 San Francisco and New York City (actually Teaneck, NJ, just across from NYC)

9 Heaviest flying bird, up to 20 kg.

10a. Mozart 1756-1791 10b. King Henry VIII 1491-1547 10c. Cleopatra 69 BC-30 BC (played by Elizabeth Taylor)

BONUS ANSWER: The phrase appeared on a two-cent coin in 1864, on some stamps in 1954 and on paper currency in 1957 (Eisenhower).


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