.The Kind Guild

By Dr. Chad Johnson

I’m rejecting cynicism

Renouncing bitterness

Meditations while we sheltered

Have affirmed a yearning

Sanctioned a hunger

The gravitational tug

To mix with our own

We breathe with each other

Like roots of coastal redwoods

Synapses mingle

Resonating with proximity

In spontaneity mode

Let’s attend a show!

Leave our couch

C’mon, we’ll dress up

Even if it’s casual


Flashy or demure

Velvet, silk, flannel

At a trendy bistro

Enlivening the restaurant

We toast to ourselves

Ripe with anticipation

Of the newly reviewed release

Then a smiling stranger

Opens the theater door

Suddenly in the lobby

A startling surprise

Coincidence occurs

Old friends are here!

Fervent hugs begin at once

Maybe after all

We’re finally seeing

Totally getting it

We just dig people

Can we admit that?

Human energy

Palpable vitality

We brought fun and joy

And I wore a smile

Your response my reward

Our neighbors waved

Sealing our collaboration

I feel mysterious love

Touching hearts

An earthly communion

The Kind Guild

We loiter in our own lane

Dr. Chad Johnson is a voiceover actor, musician and writer, and a retired Marin and Sonoma county chiropractor.


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