The F-Word

Adam Mansbach brings vulgar vogue to Healdsburg

Sparked by the frustrations shared by parents of sleep-avoiding kids everywhere, Adam Mansbach’s Go the Fuck to Sleep was a hugely bestselling book in 2011. And though its phenomenon could be written off as an internet-propelled bag of hot air, the book’s publication has a cool side story: it was published by Akashic Books, an indie publishing house run by Johnny Temple, former bassist for ’90s alt-rock band Girls Against Boys.

Since Mansbach’s book didn’t fit with the company’s urban literary fiction ethos, Temple acquired the rights reluctantly. But after the book sold massively, Akashic ended up with a hefty financial windfall. Subsequently, in a darkly unjust literary landscape where mainstream publishers won’t touch innovative writing with a 10-foot pole, Akashic now has more funds than ever to publish stellar writing. Mansbach appears this week in Healdsburg, but parents, leave your kids at home for this event. Although in theory it revolves around children’s books, the word “fuck” will no doubt be tossed around like balloon animals at a kid’s birthday party.

Adam Mansbach cusses his way through parenthood on Thursday, March 29, at h2hotel Healdsburg. 219 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 7:30pm. Free. 707.433.2202.—Leilani Clark