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If you’re a fan of cooking shows, then in recent years you’ve seen professional chefs and outrageously talented (mostly British) bakers tackle all manner of creative, sadistic culinary challenges. 

They’re expected to utilize delicate and unknowable techniques under the pressure of punishing time constraints. They’re tasked with replicating French desserts whose eldritch names hold more spellbinding syllables than an entry in one of Tolkien’s elvish dictionaries. They accomplish these feats and more, and yet also get tripped up trying to make an ordinary omelet or B.L.T. Burnt, overdressed, undersalted, etc.

The lesson here: In a world of glitz, glam and gimmicks, sometimes the truly impressive thing is a really well done simple thing. Bells and whistles certainly have their place, but the enduring earnestness of sincere simplicity (along with awesome alliteration) is undeniable.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Taking this principle to heart is A’Roma Roasters Coffee &Tea, right off the tracks in the heart of Santa Rosa. It’s a haven for students, creatives, coffee connoisseurs and wanderlusting souls from all walks.

Residing within the bones of the Baggage Building of Old Railroad Square’s Train Depot, the sense of old soul antiquity has been baked into the stone over the years. That, combined with the neighboring railroad tracks and brick buildings, the hand-hammered copper bar tops and the ever present, ever pleasant aroma of roasting coffee beans (roooooll credits), all only adds to the aged dignity of the place.

They are consistently good, consistently friendly and consistently…well, present. Aroma’s has survived the past couple of years’ drama in good shape for a reason—they’re just really good.

And elegant simplicity like that has to be frustrating from the other side of things. Corinthian-style columns with all their frou frou acanthus leaves are probably ticked that Doric ones get anywhere near the same love. 

Salvador Dali would have been within his rights to be irked that his dreamscapes of melting clocks had to share space at all with Warhol’s darned soup can. Check them out, grab a coffee or tea with your favorite book and enjoy.—ED


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