Sweet Sangre

Building a better Bloody Mary at 1313 Main in Napa

Since wine is the “blood of Christ,” it’s appropriate that the higher-proof vodka flows through His Mother’s veins.

The bloody Mary is a drink, a snack, an acceptable cocktail for morning hours— and now it’s been taken to new heights. The “bloody Mary bar” at Napa’s 1313 Main starts with a high high—$9 for a tall glass with freshly juiced heirloom tomato, grilled jalapeno, Meyer lemon and secret additives and spices—and aims even higher.

Add-ons range from $1 to $3, and include different kinds of house-made salts, blue cheese olives, pickled egg, house-made jerky, candied jalapeno, fried oysters, bacon-wrapped dates, thick-cut candied bacon and more. There are infused tequila floaters, too, that impart sweet, smoky and spicy flavors. Almost everything here is house-made—this is the good stuff.

Personally, I’m intrigued by the meat straw: a Twizzler–Slim Jim hybrid that’s as functional as it is flavorful. Add one of those stinky olives and—oh, we’ve got to do the bacon-wrapped dates, right? Oh, this is getting pricey. But wait, it’s like lunch too. OK, throw in the candied bacon. This is getting crowded. Can I get a bigger glass?

1313 Main’s bloody Mary bar is open 10am to 2pm with brunch available. 1313 Main St., Napa. 707.258.1313.—Nicolas Grizzle