Summer Guide Update

Napa Porchfest will not take place in July (“Lost Summer,” May 20). The committee will reevaluate the situation mid-July and decide whether we will be able to move forward with it at a later date.

Amy Lyons Linn


Wanted: Isolation Experts

COVID-19 has given almost all Americans a lesson in how to deal with isolation, which you may want to add to your resume if you also speak Russian and meet other qualifications. Why? Because NASA is looking for 30-to-55-year-old men and women with experience in the practice of seclusion. They must also be fluent in English and Russian and have advanced degrees. The job will put those who qualify in isolation with a small international crew for eight months in Moscow. The purpose is “to study the effects of isolation and confinement as participants work to successfully complete their simulated space mission.” It will give the space agency an idea of what astronauts will experience on extended space missions.

John Grimaldi

Association of Mature American Citizens

Amazon Woes

Kudos to Tim Bray, a distinguished engineer formerly at Amazon. Mr. Bray, a vice president and veteran engineer with the company’s cloud-computing division, said in a post on his personal blog that he quit on May 1st “in dismay at Amazon firing whistleblowers who were making noise about warehouse employees frightened of Covid-19.”

Now, if Amazon “leadership” could release Jay Carney and David Zapolsky for their shameful plan to discredit and demonize whistleblowers and other warehouse workers, who are the true backbone of Amazon for, among other things, working conditions and worker safety.

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa

Sonoma County Library
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