.Studying at California Virtual Academy

At the end of my junior year in high school, I was looking to get a head start on my college degree. However, when my school prevented me taking classes at the local junior college, I knew it was time to explore other options. Here are three reasons online school worked for me:

1) I received support. Going into my senior year, I decided to enroll in California Virtual Academy (CAVA) so I could work and study from home. This enabled me to not only study on my own time, but also made it easier to enroll in part-time classes at my local college.

2) My schedule was up to me. Working my school responsibilities into a schedule that worked for me allowed more time for my outside hobbies. I pursued art, baking and cooking, as well as making dinner for my family in the evenings. Previously, I had spent over an hour commuting each way. In online school, I found free time to not only make dinner and participate in hobbies, but also to finish homework and go to bed earlier.

3) My career was jumpstarted. I transferred last fall to a college where I won an award for my student leadership and community involvement. I worked as a peer career coach on-campus and am excited to take my experiences from these opportunities as I finish my bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and pursue my master’s.

Overall, I found an environment that worked incredibly well for me. I encourage students in a similar position to explore online schools, and hope they have the same support and success that I did.

Abigail Selby 

Santa Rosa

DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS: The headline of an article in last week’s Bohemian (“Going Natural,” Aug. 3) referred to pét-nat wines as “natural,” however some of the wines mentioned in the article are not considered natural wines.


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