.Storm Recap: 5 Days of Rain, Wind, ‘Uncommon’ Lightning

I think we could all probably use a quick storm recap to integrate those five long days of rain, wind and general storminess we just went through. It wasn’t quite as dramatic as the storm before, but it really had a long-haul feel to it, wouldn’t you say? There was also an “uncommon” amount of lightning this time, meteorologists tell the Press Democrat, along with plenty of falling trees and power outages reported across Sonoma and Napa counties, affecting thousands. At one point, a 30-foot oak tree fell onto the band room at Analy High School, which meant a snow day Tuesday for the kids. Russian River water levels also rose higher this time, due to the sheer volume of rain that came down — at least 7 or 8 inches between Friday and Wednesday. The river came within about a foot of jumping its banks in at least one spot along its route through Healdsburg, according to data from the National Weather Service, and came within four feet of flooding in Guerneville. Meanwhile, those super flood-prone country roads in the Forestville area did end up flooding really bad, as predicted — and one person got their car stuck in the floodwaters on Wohler Road, near where a woman died last year, according to the Sonoma County Fire District. Officials posted a pic of the stranded car on Facebook, writing: Once again, we would like to emphasize TURN AROUND, DONT DROWN. Luckily this driver made it to dry ground with the assistance of 1st responders.” The driver “had to be pulled from their vehicle by first responders,” the PD reports, and “the vehicle was tagged and left at the scene.” The same fire department made another very important cat rescue during the storm, too. “Just as the skies turned menacing” on Sunday, fire officials wrote on Facebook, “our brave Sonoma County Fire District crew from Station 4 – Bellevue, performed a heartwarming rescue at Taylor Mountain Regional Park. At 1:30 PM, amidst growing concern, we received a distress call. A couple enjoying a pre-storm walk with their beloved feline, on a leash, found themselves in a panic when their adventurous cat decided to explore the heights and got stranded atop a tree.Without hesitation, our Fire Explorer demonstrated courage and compassion, climbing up the ladder. In an incredible moment of trust, the cat leaped into his arms, safe at last.The reunion was nothing short of emotional.” (Source: National Weather Service & National Weather Service & Cal Fire via Facebook & Sonoma County Fire District via Facebook & Sonoma County Fire District via Facebook & Santa Rosa Fire Department via Facebook & Sebastopol Times & KRCB & Press Democrat; paywall)


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