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Candidate Dave Edmonds touts experience, resume

Past performance predicts future results. When you vote for Sonoma County sheriff, please remember that, and me.

Candidate Eddie Engram has far less experience, education and capacity… and the wrong intentions: Engram admitted that had Sheriff Mark Essick decided to run again, he would have endorsed him. In charge of our jail, Engram’s legacy is staff morale at all-time lows, job-caused disability claims and vacancies at all-time highs, and record mandatory overtime (currently 78 hours/month). As sheriff, things would only get worse.

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Candidate Carl Tennenbaum has no notable leadership performance to compare. At the San Francisco Police Department, he could never achieve anything higher than the initial supervisor rank, sergeant. His two attempts to be promoted to the junior manager rank of lieutenant were failures. With scant leadership experience and absolutely no management experience, he hopes to take charge of a dysfunctional, massive, $210-million annual budget organization. You may like his ideas, but he’d be in a hopeless wilderness of mirrors. I agree with SFPD: he’s not ready.

I bring the strongest professional record, plus a 37-year history of Sonoma County civic-mindedness. Retiring in 2013, I served for 32 years at our Sheriff’s Office: nine years-patrol, four-homicide detective, eight-sergeant, three-lieutenant and six years at the command rank of captain; a SWAT member, training officer, interrogation specialist and more, with documented outstanding performance everywhere. I was a proven change agent, and I have former sheriff candidate John Mutz’s endorsement.

I have a master’s degree in organizational leadership (Gonzaga), was a police management professor for five years, and now I’m the editor of the nation’s largest law enforcement magazine, American Police Beat. I founded and direct two national police wellness nonprofits (lecf.org and 360armor.org). In the last 10 years alone, I’ve volunteered over 2000 hours to local nonprofits, including the boards of our homeless mission (12 years) and our police chaplaincy (20).

Married 35 years, we raised our family here—two Santa Rosa police officer sons, and our daughter will be teaching high school English in the fall. See my full resume and 20-point-plan at www.edmondsforsheriff.com.

I’m not just coming back to fix our Sheriff’s Office. I’m returning to remake it into a nationwide model. I ask for your vote.

Dave Edmonds

Sonoma County

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