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Sex Ed

I’m a professional sex surrogate, and disagree with Dan Savage’s advice on love and sexuality (Savage Love, Dec. 20, 2023).

When people experience erectile dysfunction, medications are best used as a last resort, due to their medical and psychological side effects.

To get at the root issues, a thorough medical exam and seeing a therapist or surrogate are important. A healthy diet, regular exercise, body awareness techniques and Tantra also help.

These things would also help Mr. Savage’s asexual advice seeker and people wishing to enrich their lovemaking with their long-term partners.

Barbara Daugherty

Santa Rosa

Common Sense

Dr. Barry “The Genius” Barnett has presented us with a prime example of logic and common sense in declaring, more or less, that a circumstance in which Joe Biden and Don Trump sit atop the respective ideologically bankrupt major political parties is a hideous and monumental global embarrassment for the United States of America, in addition to being a daily practical nightmare.

The hope is that it is also a sign that we have finally descended to the bottom of the political pigsty and a harbinger of better days ahead. There is no other intelligent way to view the issue.

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael

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