.Schwarzenbach, Cometbus, and the Thorns of Life

Well, shit, here we go: Blake Schwarzenbach has started a band with Aaron Elliott and Daniela Sea called the Thorns of Life. No joke. There’s photos posted here from the band’s grand debut at the Jerk House in Brooklyn this past weekend.
What does the band sound like? According to a recent punknews.org post, Blake is said to have written via Facebook that “I can say only that it’s loud and tender and we’re called the Thorns Of Life. whether it’s more Jetsesque or Breaker-like I honestly don’t know; It sounds like a storehouse of fond hatred from the last few years and in the now.”
It’s tempting to pessimistically predict that they’ll play three more house shows, record a 7” and then break up; however, in a message to fans recently, Blake said he looked forward to coming “to a town near you.”
Needless to say, this is exciting news.
UPDATE, 11/15: Thorns of Life played again last night at another house show in Brooklyn. There’s three videos below. More on the band by clicking here.
UPDATE, 1/31: My interview with Blake regarding the band is here.



  1. “that they’ll play three more house shows, record a 7″ and then break up”
    That probably sums it up. Cool though. Strange to mix those two dudes. Aaron is a punk who writes. Blake is a writer who punks.
    I’m glad Brookyln is providing a safe haven for the aging hipsters of the world.
    – joshua

  2. know where the name came from? blake’s been working on percy bysshe shelley for a while now, and, well, google “ode to the west wind” 😀 gotta love a punk that reads 18th century poetry

  3. Gabe, are you still in Santa Rosa? Long time no see, pal. I haven’t seen you since you told me “No, really, the Strokes are actually good! Listen to the basslines!” Anyway Blake has a page online, I saw a sign there that said “The Thorns of Life” and I daydreamed “What if that was a new band that he was doing? Gee, that’d be amazing!” Then I Googled it and found your post here. Wow, this is the second best news I’ve heard all fall. 1 Barack, 2 Blake.

  4. I am so glad that Blake is back at the music business, I wish he keeps making music until he dies. I wonder when they are planning to release an album. This is great stuff.


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