.Rising to the Moment with Debra Giusti

To speak directly to our present anxieties, we need not fear the future. Plotting national and international news stories along a narrative of decline has become commonplace, but that’s only extrapolation.

That’s why I’m so eager to share Debra Giusti’s work. She recontextualizes the same events and trends within a hopeful new narrative, that of a planetary “ascension.” And while one might disagree with her, it is an incredible relief to realize that no one really knows what the future holds. It might be cataclysmic. But it still might be utopian.

One may recognize Debra Giusti’s name. For three decades, Giusti was the organizer of The Health and Harmony Festival and The Spirit of Christmas Fair. She now leads The Global Peace Tribe.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

CH: I could riff a list of bad news as long as my arm. But you believe that humanity is currently in a process of purging?

DG: Yes! If you’re getting healthy, you have to go through a detox to release all of the poisons in your body. A lot of spiritual teachers call the stage we are in “the purification.”

CH: And that is how all the bad news fits into this new narrative of ascension?

DG: Yes! If you have noticed, all the ugliness and political corruption that’s up in our face right now and not 15 years ago had been there, hidden below the surface. The pandemic was a huge catalyst in the process. Now, all that corruption and dysfunction is revealed—revealed to be healed. If you’re not aware, you can’t begin to make different choices.

CH: Your work seems to have a microcosmic analogy where humanity and history are like a single human life. One where things have been going well enough for a deeply damaged individual until a long-developing, total crisis brings all their formative trauma to the surface to be seen and healed. Their crisis becoming the catalyst for their transformation.

DG: Yes. As above, so below. The first stage of the evolutionary and healing process is called “the awakening.” But the last is called “the divine human.”

For a free download of Debra Giusti’s e-book, ‘Ascension Tips,’ as well as events and workshops related to ascension, visit debragiusti.com.

Listen to our full conversation, including a walkthrough of the 88-step process of personal and collective ascension. Search ‘Sonoma County: A Community Portrait Podcast.’


  1. Kudos to Debra Giusti! I’ve been following her for many years and she has given me many life-changing tools that have helped me to help me navigate this crazy world. I’m excited to read her book!

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  2. If you sign up for her email newsletter, she introduces you to some really neat people who do really special things that you might not have thought would help you but they end up providing some healing space if you give them a chance. I found some good stuff through her group.

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