The pharmaceutical industry has been exposed as a conspiracy of drug pushers. It was not just Johnson & Johnson on trial. Every company used addiction as a primary marketing tool. This is no metaphor. These are criminal entities, and the individuals who run them are criminals. They are overwhelmingly rich, white men, making jail time less likely but no less deserved.

There are a small number of people in our country who think that injecting their very young children with products made and marketed by these companies may not be a good idea. They may prefer botanical medicine to pharmaceuticals, or have another basis for their choice. This is a very personal matter regarding one’s own personal health. Or so one might think. When it comes to vaccinations, we are being told, it does not matter what we think—we must do as we are told.

We as a country have mightily resisted doing anything about the presence of violence in our society. Not just the number of children who are slaughtered, but the emotional and psychological trauma done to the children growing up thinking they might be killed at any time. Our leaders cannot or will not do anything about this imminent and exigent threat to our children. But they sure can get an anti-anti-VAXX bill through real quick. That is a no-brainer. It is something that only happens when money is being threatened.

Of course vaccines work in the short run—otherwise no one would use them. But they must have side effects; all drugs do. Anti-vaxxers are a threat to the bottom line of the pharmaceutical industry, not to the other people in our communities.

Santa Rosa

Brexit, Buicks

1) Brexit. What the U.S. owes the UK is almost immeasurable. The prime minister of Britain wants to leave the European Union and have the Continent quake in fear. Didn’t happen, isn’t going to happen. The PM’s skewed vision of reality has left him weakened, confused and compared strikingly to the American president, as well as providing the world with a closer look at incompetent ‘leadership.’ This ridiculous theatre might have already befallen the U.S. were it not for the U.S. being considerably stronger than the UK and, therefore, better able to withstand lowbrow leadership.

Threats and bluster only work if the other side thinks you are as tough as you hope they suppose. The U.S. Congress should look at the Parliamentarian’s response and then look at itself. Congress should realize that immaturity is not an impeachable offense.

2) Auto mileage. The Administration wants California to stop the ‘illegal’ clean car deal.

What this Administration has yet to realize is that Daimler-Benz, Ford and the other three car makers need the fifth largest economy in the world. Moreover, other smaller economies will follow California, making state leadership even more imperative and central to an evolving automotive world. Each of these car makers have already spent millions making their products more efficient. Why would they provide Chinese automakers an opening or otherwise delay presenting the world with a better product? This failing Administration needs to follow California. The rest of the world already is.

Santa Rosa

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