Cannabis convenience

By Michael Giotis

Fellow Petalumans, tired of bolting up to Mercy Wellness after work and still trying to get home in time to cook dinner?

I will have you know that the most highly rated delivery service in Sonoma County considers Petaluma its “top area to deliver, no doubt,” according to Richard Trieber, CEO of the PowerPlant Park in Richmond, a development of cannabis enterprises that is projected to create hundreds of local jobs when it is completed.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

For now, the Park is focused on current operations like their delivery service. “We’re about to scale up our delivery service to coincide with our first [full scale] harvest,” said Trieber. There will be “50 to 75 drivers in our delivery service selling our brands from PowerPlant Park operations.”

At the moment, the delivery service focuses on the North Bay. Soon it will reach much broader than that, and quickly.

“We have a very definitive model for delivery. It’s unlike any other model that is out there,” Trieber said. It’s a model that values taking the time to help customers find the right product.

“We have a medical staff person doing dispatch, so if you wanted to know a strain for a specific condition, even if it took 20 minutes, we would take time to talk [through it],” he explained.

It’s financially possible to take the extra time because PowerPlant Park Delivery bonds their drivers, allowing them to carry more inventory, and to fill orders while on the road.

“Drivers usually go back to the hub every time to pick up the orders,” explained Richard. “With extra inventory on hand, we had half hour to 45 minute delivery times, which blew everyone out of the water.”

Now, if you’re the type who needs to look a budtender in the eye and dare them to suggest something to satisfy a strong willed character like yourself, consider the very hidden yet super convenient Down Under Industries Dispensary, helpfully positioned on Ely Road, just about a yard outside of Petaluma city jurisdiction.

Jamie Reagan and her crew of happy-go-lucky stoner faerie godmothers now make running to the dispensary for supplies between drop off of one kid and pick up of another actually feasible, instead of a fantasy. The choice is between that and 10 miles of traffic-free freeway, with a dream of hitting every light on the way between little league and karate. [1] [2] 

Once all the running around is done, it’s time to smoke up and relax—thanks to these two lesser known options for Petaluma potheads. As they say, convenience kills.

You could maybe split this sentence into two. I assume the second half is referring to another dispensary which is about ten miles away…

Yes, tricky fix, but I managed it. See what you think.


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