.Open Mic: How To Meet Rock Stars

By Greg Ceniceroz

Everyone’s a rock star; it’s true. What is also true conversely, is that every “rock star” is a person just like you. How so? Rock stars appear to do what they want, when they want. They make cool things, keep their own hours. They live by their own rules. How am I also, a rock star? I’m just a normal person.

You can approach this existence simply by being yourself; a “normal person.” By being open to the fact that “rock stars” are everywhere. You can attract other stars more easily than you think. And, as we come out of this pandemic mess, it all starts locally.

You like sculpture? Start a sculpture-appreciation night once a month and host walking tours of acceptable locales. Food? Throw together a cooking class at the BBQ in the park to show what you’ve got. There’s no limit.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Passionate about music? Put up a flyer and invite musicians over. If your yard is too cluttered, ask a local establishment if you can “drum up some business” every other week and start a local music night at the local falafel shop. What you focus on expands.

Combine your interests for fun and merriment. If you like something and wish it to be more prevalent in your life, make it so! Love live music? Making friends? You like to know what’s going on in your town? You wish to practice extroversion?

Create space for these things to happen. Create a space where ideas are shared, where things happen. In Coviddy times, it can be your front yard or garage—that vacant lot at the end of the block.

What’s important—in fact, the only important thing—is to be yourself and share your passion. Passion comes through. Passion resonates. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself getting better at living your dream life.

Pretty soon you’ll realize you’ve been amongst rock stars this entire time.

Greg Ceniceroz—a.k.a. “Ceni”—hosts Open Mic With Ceni at Hopmonk Sebastopol every Tuesday night, forever. To have your topical essay considered for publication, write to us at [email protected].
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