.Skunks and Headlands — Two Poems

By Jan Forslow

The King of the Boardwalk

A Poem About a Neighborhood Skunk

He walks down the boardwalk like he owns this place.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

There is nothing in this neighborhood he cannot face.

Fashionably dressed in a black-and-white striped suit,

There is no one that can stop this fashionista’s pursuit.

A slight problem, though, is his unmistakable smell.

Even he himself would agree that it stinks like hell.

This odor has made him a lonely poor soul.

And a regular at the boardwalk watering hole.

Every night at dusk, to the beach he proudly goes.

Despite this, his real name nobody knows.

I call him Prickly Peters in lack of his real name.

Our landlord he could, namely, easily defame. 

But Prickly Peters does not care about fame nor titles.

He goes to the beach eating fish, improving his vitals.

And once in a while he takes a detour to build on his den.

We are so honored to have him as our boardwalk friend.

In the Morning

A Poem About Marin Headlands

In the morning, when sun rise

Hillside adorning, in clear skies

Grass of green, fills the scene

A shade of blue, morning dew

Hawks are flying, high in sky

Squirrels eyeing, nature’s spy

Deers are roaming, in slow stride

Proudly combing, in grass wide

Poppies blooming, leaves unfold

Eyes consuming, yellow and gold

Lupines rise, two feet high

Nature’s paradise, makes me sigh

Time stands still, calm the headlands instill

Love is in the air, beauty everywhere

In the morning.

Jan Forslow lives in Sausalito and writes poems, short stories and music in his spare time when off duty from Arable Labs. 


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