.Mass Mystery Illness at Napa High School

2) And then, over in the City of Napa, we have the mysterious case of the sick kids in the choir room at Vintage High School. Investigators still don’t know why this happened, but during first period on Thursday, around 25 choir students found themselves struck by a sudden nausea, all at once. One Vintage High kid, the town crier of the situation, told TV news reporters: “A couple students had passed out and one was throwing up and everyone just came inside and started getting people out and putting them into a different room to test everyone.” Five of the students reportedly had to be taken to the hospital — they’re all OK now, reports say — and the rest of the student body had to shelter in place for a spell. The remainder of the school day at Vintage High was obviously shot. “We heard that there was like a SWAT team, police and firefighters were there and so everyone was just kind of chaotic really,” that same town-crier student tells ABC7, “and people were calling their parents wanting to go home because we didn’t know what was going on.” Originally the leading theory was a possible gas or carbon monoxide leak, but local fire officials and PG&E inspectors have ruled that out. “The fire department, police department and PG&E have deemed not only the choir room but the band room that is adjacent to it and the entire building as safe for use,” Julie Bordes, a spokesperson for the Napa Valley Unified School District told reporters Friday. So the coast is clear, but the case of the mass mystery illness at Vintage High goes unsolved for now… (Source: ABC7)


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