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Jenny DeYoung, new owner of Disguise the Limit

By Jane Vick

Hey loves! Happy Wednesday! How is everyone?! Surviving this heat wave? Rush, rush to the coast, gas prices be damned! Bring roasted chicken and cherries and a light heart. Go!

And straight to this week’s Look, which is lovely indeed. Jenny DeYoung, new owner of Disguise the Limit, the 40 year standing costume shop in Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square, is a gem of a human, and I was thrilled to learn more about her this week. See below, and for any costume needs—especially during Pride Month!—look no further.

Jane Vick—When and why did you buy Disguise the Limit?

Jenny DeYoung—I’ve always had a dream of owning my own shop, selling all my favorite things, to include fashionable items like festival wear, vintage wear and also costumes! But I always wanted the store that had a little bit of everything, so that everyone would find a little bit of treasure when they came to the shop. The year 2016, this store became available for purchase, and my business partner at the time helped me with acquiring it. It was the beginning of everything I had ever wanted and more. I’ve been working hard to re-design it and making it the favorite store for everyone in every sense.

JV—Where does your love of costume come from?

JD—I  started off being a theater major at UCLA, primarily focused on production design for film and theater. Production design encompasses the entire art department of a film or theater play. Which means it also encompasses costume design. I love all things fashion, and I love dressing up so it all comes together. My shop is like my biggest set design I have ever created yet.

JV—Is there a message you’d like to share with the community this Pride Month?

JD—First of all, we are so grateful that there is a Pride Parade here and that we get to participate in it by vending and supporting that community! Disguise the Limit stands for unity and that we should all love and respect and appreciate each other‘s diversities and love choices! Love is love!

You heard it here, everyone. Love is LOVE!

See you next week!

Love always,


Jane Vick is an artist and writer based in Oakland. She splits her time between Europe, New York and New Mexico. View her work and contact her at janevick.com.


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