.Letters to the Editor: September 25, 2018

'May Marinites always be so misguided'

Show Yourself

I read the rabid fan letter attempting to gloss over the sleazy conflict of interest and self-dealing practices of Gallaher Homes and Bill Gallaher’s Poppy Bank (Letters to the Editor, Sept. 19) and found it worthy of comparison with Donald Trump playing his own publicist on the phone. What a colossal joke this obvious shill for Bill Gallaher is!

Makes me think that this anonymous writer just might be ol’ Bill himself. Otherwise, BananaBolt, why the pseudonym instead of having the courage to use your real name? Furthermore, just how dumb do you think we really are?

BananaBolt criticized Bohemian reporter Peter Byrne and the Bohemian for publishing the previous week’s piece “One-Stop Shop.” However, I found that piece to be excellent reporting—comprehensively researched and well-written—and was grateful as hell to see it in print.

But now I have my own criticism of the Bohemian: for Pete’s sake, don’t allow cowardly wimps such as this one see the light of day! Please, no more anonymous letters to the editor.

Santa Rosa

What a Rip!

Read with interest the recent Nugget article “Exodus” (Sept. 19). It’s pretty simple why legalization has failed. I recently went to a dispensary in Sonoma County. A package of B+ grade weed went for $35 a gram. There were slight discounts for buying an ounce, but still over $350 an ounce. You can now get two things on the black market: cheaper weed and weed that is not brimming with pesticides. You know why? Because you know the people you’re buying from.

What incentive do small growers (including those who don’t make a living off weed) have to pay ridiculous prices with ridiculous taxes and fees when you can get better quality and cheaper? That’s real true capitalism. What’s going on now with legalization is a combination of extortion and throwing legitimate growers out of the market. For what? State taxes. The ripoff market is never going to be fully realized until the state reduces profits and taxes. Then maybe it will get the revenues it needs. Right now, it’s a classic ripoff.


Hot-Tubbers Who Care

Hardly a day goes by when the reality of homelessness in Marin County doesn’t hit home and break your heart. It’s heartwarming to realize that in one of the most affluent communities in the world, a spirit of compassion and empathy lives large. From Adopt a Family of Marin, to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and many more caring resources in between, it is with an outright sense of pride to be residing among those citizens a politician once referred to as “misguided Marin County hot-tubbers.” May Marinites always be so misguided.


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