Letters to the Editor: September 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor: September 25, 2013

Local Hops

I moved to Sonoma County two years ago, partly due to the fact that it’s the home of Bear Republic, Russian River and especially Lagunitas (“Getting Hopped Up—Again,” Sept. 17). Now I’ll have to seek out some HenHouse!

Santa Rosa

Are Weird

TAPS is my favorite place in Petaluma. Good luck, Eric! We’ll follow you wherever you end up (“Tapped Out,” Sept. 18). Too bad the landlord doesn’t see the long-term value in having the coolest spot in town be under his roof!


Open Space

I am passionately in favor of eight acres of open space in downtown Forestville. Even with an extremely modest income, I was compelled to donate generously to the cause.

I understand that a compromise has been made to designate one-plus acres of the eight to development. My first choice would be all park and no development, but given the time constraints we have to adhere to, I would definitely be in favor of the compromise that has been reached. I know there is a small spoiler group that is trying to delay and ruin the progress that has been made to come to a reasonable solution. But I’m a long-time Forestville resident, and all my friends and folks I know are in favor of all park or if not that, the compromise with one-plus acres of development.

I have every hope that our leaders in county government will do everything they can to speed the process along before our D-Day with the bank and all hope for something positive in downtown Forestville is lost.


Oh! Sheila

I enjoyed the letter from the happy ticket winners who loved the George Thorogood concert at the Uptown Theatre in Napa (“Love the Uptown,” Sept. 18). Not only were they overly impressed with the audio, video, and lighting production value of the show, George and surprise guest Elvin Bishop sealed the deal with a kickass performance.

The biggest factor in the success of the Uptown has got to be the person who books all the great talent into the theater, executive director and talent buye, Sheila Groves-Tracey. Sheila has been responsible for the stellar lineup at the Uptown Theatre since day one. If you ever wondered, or just need a reminder, who it was that, unbelievably, got all those acts to come to Napa and play BottleRock—thank you, Sheila!

Santa Rosa

No to Big Hotels

Sonoma County Conservation Action’s (SCCA) strong and unequivocal endorsement and support for Measure B, the provision that would limit new hotels to 25-rooms or less (until annual occupancy rates reach 80 percent) verifies exactly what proponents have been saying all along.

In a Sept. 19 press release, SCCA’s board chairman David Keller expressed the following: “The issue of how our towns and cities are going to develop within the urban core is an important one, just as we are very concerned about developments in our rural lands. We are persuaded by arguments of preserving town character and a small-growth approach that is more appropriate for a town the size of Sonoma.”

SCCA president emeritus and former Sonoma County supervisor Bill Kortum adds that “we ultimately felt that preserving the small-town experience for both residents and visitors strikes the right balance for the city of Sonoma.”

Three members of the Sonoma City Council—Brown, Rouse and Cook—are arguing for no limit to the size and number of new hotels, but despite their efforts in opposing Measure B and its going to a vote of the people, the issue will be decided in a city election on
Nov. 19; a vote for the future of Sonoma.

Yes on Measure B.

Boyes Hot Springs

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