Letters to the Editor: January 31, 2017

'I say NO!' 'I say YES!' 'It's rigged.'

Watching ‘Cops’

There’s nothing “out there in the middle of everything” about Cops (“‘Cops’ Under Fire,” March 28). This has got to be one of the dumbest stunts I’ve ever seen. I say ‘NO!’ to filming any episodes here in Sonoma County.

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I say YES! Let people walk in their shoes for a day to get a little understanding of what they are up against.

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So it’s rigged. Any deputy misconduct or unprofessionalism will not see the light of day: “The SCSO contract signed in March gives the sheriff’s office final say over what clips are used.”

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Any blowback on local police agencies that might occur from authorizing Cops to film locally will be well deserved by any dunces who sign off on the deal. Cops is just another corporate-owned attempt to propagandize police work and to marginalize everyone else under fear of “the law.” Why doesn’t Cops instead visit Congress or the United States Capitol Police and get at the real story of this nation’s justice system, which has long since established a multi-tiered system of laws, enforcement actions, and justice that only serves the few at the expense of the many? Probably because no corporations would advertise on a network that might actually question our ignominiously unjust, failed legal system.

Let’s get rid of Cops and cops, the entire U.S. military, and then prosecute all the power-brokers who are the real criminals in this country and put them in the hole for the rest of their sick, twisted lives. True justice has yet to be served in the 241-plus years of this nation’s miserably distorted and corrupt history, so it’s about time for a paradigm shift.

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Re: Districting

Gerrymandering election districts to favor downtown property owners and businesses is a cynical and deliberate ploy to weaken the “one person, one vote” basis for our local government. Making seven districts equal in population of registered voters and based on the “manmade breaks” of highways 101 and 12 are more fair and reasonable. Poor planning by downtown business owners and political power brokers in the past divided the city into four quadrants.

Now it’s time to let citizens have an equal voice in decision-making processes for a better future for all Santa Rosans, not just businessmen and property owners. There should only be one downtown district for the residents of the downtown area near the concrete plaza at Fourth Street and Mendocino Avenue. Six more districts, with three others on each side of 101, totaling seven voting districts, is a reasonable and helpful approach to better representation for Santa Rosa residents not connected to downtown power brokers.

Santa Rosa

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