Letters to the Editor: December 2, 2015

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Halfway There

Tom, I didn’t see you mention (“Mind the Gap,” Nov. 25) that half of the Larkspur extension money has already been pledged by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (http://bit.ly/1MRI4j5). Thus, if the transportation bill is passed into law with the $20 million for the Larkspur extension, then the extension is nearly completely funded.

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The Lawmen

Nobody has the right to “make-up rules as they go,” like the police seem to do daily in Rohnert Park (“Back Door Men,” Sept. 23). They swore to serve and protect. Each and every police officer “knows” the law. Rohnert Park has a long history of made-up police rules.

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Closing the Door

Our government’s response to Syrian refugees points out a failed foreign policy that helped create the current situation in the region. It was not so long ago that a war was fought (on the cheap and that we are still paying for) to oust a dictator and bring stability and peace to the Middle East. Now, after a decade, neither a stable nor peaceful environment exists in that part of the world; rather, a vacuum has been filled by an even more radical and fundamentalist outlook on how the world should be. As a result, thousands of men, women and children have been displaced, not only from Syria, but from many other Middle Eastern countries.

Faced with an exodus of people fleeing for safety, we may very well shut the door in their faces. Our history points to another war, fought 70 years ago, when our policy toward members of a minority religion seeking asylum from the dark clouds of anti-Semitism in Europe was the same: refugees turned away at our shores to face what surely was death.

Elected officials quick to cast aside the Syrian refugees are now prisoners of their own country’s history. They should look to their own heritage and realize that two or three generations ago, they too came from immigrant stock. I would invite those same elected officials to take an excursion to that small island near New York City where that great lady sculpture resides and read, or reread, poet Emma Lazarus’ inscription.

Santa Rosa

Clearcut Square?

I know it was in small print on the back pages of the local paper, so you may not have noticed, but they are planning on cutting down the redwood trees in Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa as part of the reunification of the square project to make way for more public parking. Do we want a square or a parking lot? The city claims to be open for feedback.

Santa Rosa

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