Letters to the Editor: August 2, 2017

The Bohemian: A prime example of the decline of our society

Utility Bill Baloney

Dave Canny (“Letters,” July 26) can pitch it however he wants. PG&E manipulated a massive increase in its charges to residential users this year. The CPUC is more or less owned by PG&E and the “interest groups” that were supposedly involved in the rate changes clearly had only one interest in mind: PG&E’s!

The most I’ve ever paid for utilities in previous years, in far colder month’s than last winter’s, was $220. This year our bill was more than $330 one month and has been high since then. I’ve written to everyone from state senators to the Better Business Bureau to PG&E itself about this. The answer is always the same as the one Canny pitches. The changes are legal and were made to “encourage energy conservation.” Baloney! The changes are the way PG&E is collecting the huge fine they paid after the San Bruno fire. Is no one connecting the dots on a fine they were forbidden to collect from their consumers?

I don’t use PG&E for gas or electric. Sonoma Clean Power and Tiger Gas both confirmed (as did PG&E) that my costs had not risen for the energy itself. The huge increase in my bill was from the “tiers” adjustment PG&E made for delivery. In their responses to me, PG&E always avoided mentioning “delivery” charges. Strange omission!

The extra hundred bucks charged this winter was entirely a result of the “tier” adjustments, which reduced bills for big power users (the “interest groups”) and “may” increase some bills for residential users. Or simply stated, “Let the little guy pay our fines—forever after!”

For starters, we need a truly independent CPUC.

Santa Rosa


Kenneth Bareilles has a track record for destructive land use in Humboldt County (“Battle for Felta Creek,” July 26). It’s a shame that he can (apparently) continue to get CDF approvals for logging after his record of violations. It appears he is holding Felta Creek hostage and essentially demanding a buyout, or else he will log in an extremely sensitive area. The following is some recent history from up here in Humboldt: http://bit.ly/2hi7EaU

Via Bohemian.com

America Grate

I think your paper, its extreme left politics and proponents of cannabis are prime examples of the decline of our society (“What Would Trump Do?” July 5). It’s no wonder that your paper gets smaller while the Sonoma County Gazette is bursting at the seams!


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