.Letters to the Editor, Week of Aug. 30

Home Front

I do not believe that any of the post-world wars have been in the interest of the American people or the world, and it greatly concerns me that we have methodically pushed Russia into a corner.

Why are we risking global recession, which results in millions of indirect deaths by the poorest people in the world—who now include many paycheck-to-paycheck Americans—as well as nuclear war, to play hero when we have millions of American homeless who could use those billions?

Please stop wasting our tax dollars, pay down the deficit and help Americans at home, rather than risking all our lives with nuclear war.

Dane Rose

San Rafael

Game Changer

Readers by now may be aware that former President Donald Trump has come out with a new version of Monopoly. Every place you land on the board, it says, “Go Directly to Jail.”

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael

Train Pains

The SMART train article in the August 25th edition confirms all the predictions made by the anti-SMART campaign that lobbied against funding the train. SMART is a disaster. Anyone who has to wait for the train to cross a main street in San Rafael knows full well that most cars are empty or near empty. This was the case pre-COVID. Throwing good money after bad is foolhardy. Let SMART die.

Jack Lieberman

San Anselmo

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