.Letters to the Editor: Zomes and Sausalito

Sausalito Memories

Read Peter’s article about “What is Sausalito” (Open Mic, March 2). I believe Peter Laufer was in radio for many years, maybe not the same, but how many Peter Laufers can there be?

I was part of the ’60s at The Trident and around the Sausalito Scene. Even though Nick, Bob and John of the Kingston Trio—along with manager Frank Werber—were seen frequently at the Trident, it was Lou Ganapoler who attracted all the great jazz musicians and ran the restaurant and jazz club.

I could have been waiting on George Moscone one night. and another night a poet, author, movie star and the president of the Sierra Club, or one night the Under Secretary of the Treasury or the producer/director of the Committee, who had just arrived from NYC.

Of course, it was all about the music. I left the Trident for a short time, but came back to host when Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66, or maybe 65, performed. The Trident was loaded to the rafters to listen to the rhythms of Brazil.

Please tell Peter I appreciated his presence on radio and his memory of Sausalito in the ’60s experiencing Sally, Juanita, Whiskey Springs burning down, etc.

Bill Rude
Marin County

Zome Life

Mark Furnquest’s article on the “Residential Renaissance” (March 2) had some pretty pictures but lacked essential information. Some fleeting details about cost just did not cut it. And what about the cost of permits and septic systems? Composting toilets are cool, but illegal. The fantasy of buying a piece of land and one of these small houses is just that, a fantasy. The state makes it ridiculously expensive to actually do that, never mind the hassle of dealing with building permits and inspectors. The article would have been so much more interesting if real-life experiences with these houses had been included.

Jack Lieberman
San Anselmo


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